Monday, 11 February 2008

Nip the evil in the bud!!!

Man is a social animal.His nature though,is not in the very chronology that the attributes appear in.Animal first,and social later.And its often that man has been witness to his barbaric self-destructive self.Self destruction roots from self preservation,and its the thought that the opposite holds good-destruction breeds preservation,that makes destruction a tool for preservation.

While the recent bomb blasts in various parts of the country exemplify self(our nation,the self) destruction,statements like those from Raj Thackeray exemplify self(I) preservation.The statements instil that fear and insecurity which leads to violent acts which metamorphose into carnage.Man's inherent Animal is exploited to the fullest by people with ulterior motives,people who have the pedestal to get heard.While so often these people open their mouths before their brains,make no bones about the fact that statements like these come after a lot of thought and foresight.

There was another such incident when controversial author Taslima Nasreen was attacked by a group of unruly activists.They not only gave vent to their personal agendas(Self preservation),but also broke the law and painted a sorry picture of the so called secular and free India.This was followed by mass agitations and movements and at the end,a good deal of violence that led to loss of life and property(Self destruction).

India is diverse and multi-cultural,but just as Man is an anti-social in his core,the Indian is intolerant.The Gujarat riots are a good example where little incidents that seemed innocuous bred to a massacre that has painted Indian history crimson.There are sufficient examples that we come across time and again where we were misled,and ended up committing fratricide.

Politicians and public personalities have played with the emotions of the Indian who still colonises with his kind,in a country where there are so many kinds,based on caste,creed and above all,religion.Their illogical,but arousing words get blood boiling and violent excesses result in death and despair.At the end of it all,the real culprits go scot free,win elections and flout the law again,and again,and again.The theory of "Self destruction(man killing man,or rather Indian killing Indian) leads to Self preservation" is vindicated.

Raj Thackeray,a Bal Tackeray wannabe is on track to exploit one similar faint border that exists in the Maharashtrian's heart.The feeble line is of no use to him.So he is looking to awaken the Maharashtrian heart and tell him that the North Indian is depriving him of his bread and butter,much like the means Bal Thackeray employed to get Shiv Sena rolling with his the Maharashtra Vs South India propaganda years ago.

The Govt and more importantly We,the people need to look at this with objectivity.This is clearly a malicious act,aimed to garner votes in the elections due in a year's time,and is impardonable.Mouths like his need to be locked up and the key thrown into the very abyss they look to hurl us into.That is because while these statements win these people the elections,they sow the seeds of new hatred.Sectarian politics and nativism have been detrimental even earlier,but now Raj Thackeray seems to be looking to deliver that fatal blow to the society with systematic provocation.

Both our past and present substantiate the fact that we are an impressionable race and if we got together and followed the Mahatma to throw the Britishers out,so can a Raj Thackeray with the right mix of dirty politics and ostensible patriotism,get the Maharashtrian to oust the migrantBut while the Gandhi effect is impossible for a pedestrian Thackeray to have,it sure as I said has sown the seeds of hatred and sooner or later,bloodshed seems inevitable.

We have enough lines and borders in our lives to deal with.And this is a request to both Raj Thackeray and the people of this country to look into issues that hold water and carve the way to progress.This is a request to both the Indian judiciary and the people to wake up and not just take notice,but punish these power mongers who have scant respect for India and its heritage.Nobody is above the law,and each one is accountable.Also the fact that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing has to be driven home.And these facts can be,and have to be engraved into each citizen's mind.If we cannot inculcate patriotism in the scum of this system,let us employ the other way-instil fear of the law,and the way its put into practice.

We need to evolve positively,and so does this country.The Animal within will have to be curbed and intellect and a mature understanding would have to reign if we are to make ourselves a race that deserves progressive and positive leaders who make us stronger by uniting us.Everytime we create violence we destroy our country in all manners and respects and this self destruction needs to be thwarted,and self preserving predators who go about in the garb of victims need to be taught lessons and made examples of-I plead you,we can't take another Godhra!!!!!!!!!We deserve better than this,don't we?


debraj said...

I completely agree with you on this issue. These power thirsty individuals should be dealt with strictly. There are enough divisions in India already (caste, creede, religion, language and of course the geographical divisions north, south, east and west). Now people like Raj Thakeray wants to create another division i.e. M umbai Vs rest of India. It sickens me to see that people like Raj Thakery are in power. I can only thank GOD that he's not the Prime Minister of India. But then it's not impossible also. We have had several such ministers/people in power who have repeatedly screwed our country. Even after knowing all this and more we bring them back to power. These people are not to be blamed and they shouldn't be blamed. Its us (Indians)who should be blamed because it we who elect them. We smile when there's an ad on TV saying 'India Shining'. I would like to ask the people who made this ad to show me if India is really shining. We still have caste barriers. People in some parts of the country still don't want to accept Hindi as the National Language. We still have 50% caste based reservations in premier institues and Government jobs. We still have the babus in municipality ofice who asks for a bribe to pass a housing plan. We still have colleges where they induct students based on which ministers reference letter they carry or if they are related to any minister. People after reading this might say that this guy always complains. Things are changing and corruption is decreasing. I ask a question is corruption really decreasing? My answer to this will be 'NO'. I think it has only increased and has become more sophisticatd. Just because we have few IT organisations which takes up all the garbage work from UK and US does not mean India is shining. Just because college kids are pocketing cool money but working night shifts in Call Centres does not mean India is Shining. We still feel uncomfortable to go to Police and report an incident. We still have traffic Policemen who tries to make money during the festive season by harrassing the people who drive. You still pay 50 bucks to such corrupt officals to get yourself out of the mess and avoid harrasement. We still have bright people loosing out on good education because of reservations in schools and colleges. I can go on giving examples but oes this help. 'No'. To change things we have to be the change. I have changed a little ... Have you??

reema dash said...

Very true!
But u know friend... dat we have wonderful laws bt sadly dey aren't being implimented properly by the legislature! recently the right to education bill is in news to be amended n believe me da new one is a wonderful law but wat we need to see is dat how far is it gonna b implimented!
But at the end of the day it's we people who have to step forward to make an effort to change dis scenario!
Blaming the system won't help out nything!
So the moral is dat-make an effort frm ur side first rather dan blaming others!
our constitution has a wonderful law if we impliment it den all the political parties will nt be eligible for elections n new parties will b formed! Dat wud ,i guess change the whole story n i m sure we will have a much better INDIA!
But we people need to be aware of dis!
lastly gud post
keep writing!

nidhi said...

its usual,people make statements,generate eyeballs and get away.and other people like us discuss these occurrences and cry out loud!makes no difference..hav 2 do sumthin that makes 1...the story is far from over with all these filmstars promoting Thackeray's cause.this is still 2 get 2 its ugliest phase and sumthin tells me,this is only the beginning of a new found hatred.the seeds hav been sown and the easily impressionable indian race has got in2 its following act.

george said...

unless sum concrete steps are taken,nothing will change and people like raj thackeray(i tell you they are the scum of the society) are going to go on with this kind of pathetic stuff.the name is apt-nip the evil in the bud..these monsters need to be made lessons of.but the media too is to blame.these people really use the media to get themselves heard and the nonsense is now getting out of hand.

ayaz said...

agree with the blog..agree with all ur comments...but we hav 2 stop complaining and start acting..we are the people and we hav the power in us 2 change the world we live in.if we are united these fundamentalist forces cannot sow these seeds of prejudice and enemity in our hearts.we hav 2 choose our leaders rite and get away from the ones who try 2 mislead us.
yeh log sirf apna ulloo seedha karna jaante hain...inki baaton mein aaye to jannat bhi jahannam ban jaayega.
i agree with george,very rightly the name of this blog is nip the...bud,and we hav 2 see 2 it that people like these are dealt with severely.raj thackeray may or may not gain sum political footing,but he has brought in a new kind of hatred and envy into the maharashtrian society.
yeh bhed ki khaal mein bhediya hai.

ayaz said...

also i think the tasleema nasreen issue deserves a thorough examination,analysis and an entire blog is the question that as a country what are the things that we stand for..and that is a big question.

saira said...

Good blog.but you have chosen to completely ignore the finer aspects of raj thackeray's speech. maybe he did say sumthing detrimental to the Maharashtrian way of accepting everyone and everything,but singularity is also important in this diversity.mumbaikars especially had forgotten their roots,culture language,its developemnt and promotion.that is what the filmstars who are lending their weight to his cause have been able to see.If we do not preserve our history and culture we would end up leading a hollow life,where the future generation would be completely oblivious of the rich past and heritage. after all,what is the present or the future without the past.
not that I don't condemn the baser points,but i am also fully agree with him on the point of view that Maharashtrian culture needs to be protected and maintained,so that we don't forget it,or allow it to decay.
this is good writing..i must say...and had me all agitated!keep going!

nidhi said...

i tell u man...we sit here,write blogs,discuss,channels debate..nothing at the end of the day,we re-elect these monsters again and can we expect that we will get sane leaders when we do insane things ourselves-like not voting.if people who are educated and have good minds don't go to use the power that we have been given by democracy,how are we going to make a difference and what happened in gujarat after godhra mocks at us,ridicules at us indians.can someone believe that modi could get away with what he did in godhra,and then get re-elected to become the cm again.this is not only is also a slap on our faces.

nidhi said...

actually went through the comments after me and could not stop myself from posting the earlier 1.all of u hav talked about the power being with us and that we have to shape the society and our leaders,no one sees that we talk all of this and do nothing.can you honestly tell me now that you are going to vote when you get your next chance?had you voted the last time?

meenal said...

reading this blog after 9-10 months from the time since this had been written,I feel nothin can change in India until n unless the common Indian man wakes up...but there will be no "Mahatma" this time...but people like Narender Modi/Raj thakeray...from whom justice will have to be snatched!!!Probabaly a real life redo of RBD or Wednesday is required to show the power of the so called "Common man".

Overall,A very well written blog...wherein different aspects have been beautifully covered..asking the young Indian to wake up and take the reigns of their lives in their hands and show the potential that India has and the place it can occupy.